Cee or CEE may refer to:

  • Cee, Galicia, a municipality in the province of A Coruña, Galicia, Spain
  • C, third letter of the English alphabet
  • Central and Eastern Europe, a region encompassing former Eastern Bloc countries
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • CEE electrical standards
  • Commission de l'équipement électrique, since 1985 the International Electrotechnical Commission standard for Electrical Equipment usually referring to power connectors
  • Common Entrance Examination, taken by some children in the UK as part of the admissions process
  • Creatine ethyl ester, a substance used to aid muscle development in bodybuilding
  • Converged Enhanced Ethernet
  • Center for Excellence in Education, an organization in the United States
  • Centre for Environment Education
  • Centre for the Economics of Education, London, England
  • Communauté économique européenne, French abbreviation of European Economic Community
  • Conjugated equine estrogens, primary constituent of compound drug Premarin

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... The climate of Cee is temperate and humid, typical of the northwest coast of Galicia. ...
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... The Kia Cee'd is a front wheel drive small family car released in the European market by the Korean manufacturer Kia Motors in December 2006—superseding the Kia Spectra—and available as ... The cee’d is Kia’s first European designed and built car ... To mark the occasion, Kia took the initials of the European Economic Community, EEC or CEE in some places and added ED for European Design ...