CCAPS, or Carefully Controlled Alternative PHP Syntax, is a web template system alternative to template engines such as Smarty and CakePHP. CCAPS, pronounced Cee-Caps, is what PHP web developers can use to separate XHTML source from programming logic, yet glue the two together nicely.

Many developers prefer it to engines such as Smarty because:

  • it is thinner in architecture and therefore runs faster
  • uses concepts most PHP developers already know
  • PHP is already a great templating engine
  • PHP already provides conditional and control flow features
  • requires no extra installation step
  • guarantees you that it won't break on your server because it includes no extra libraries -- no function add-ons to ensure you have installed
  • it is more adaptable

PHP already has an Alternative PHP Syntax, but what CCAPS does is to reduce the odds of spaghetti code.

For guidelines on how to work with CCAPS, view its full how-to article in Wikibooks.

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