A cavity refers to the hollow of a body. It may refer to:

  • Cavity or Dental caries, damage to the structure of teeth
  • Body cavity, a fluid filled space in many animals where organs typically develop
  • Cavity wall, a wall consisting of two skins with a cavity.
  • Resonator, a device designed to select for waves of particular wavelengths
    • Optical cavity, the cavity resonator of a laser
    • Microwave cavity or RF cavity, a cavity resonator in the Radio Frequency range, for example used in particle accelerators
  • Cavitation, the phenomenon of partial vacuums forming in fluid, for example, in propellors
  • Cavitary pneumonia, a type of pneumonia in which a hole is formed in the lung
  • Cavity (band), a sludge metal band from Miami, Florida.

Other articles related to "cavity":

Altar (Catholicism) - Cavity
... The altar cavity is a small square or oblong chamber in the body of the altar ... This cavity is called, in the language of the Church, the sepulchrum ... The size of the cavity varies to suit the size of the reliquary ...
Sea Anemone - Anatomy - Digestive System
... A gastrovascular cavity (which functions as a stomach) with a single opening to the outside is both a mouth and anus ... is ciliated, and helps to circulate water through the gastrovascular cavity ... the length of the body before opening into the gastrovascular cavity that fills the remainder of the body ...
Laser Absorption Spectrometry - Cavity Enhanced Absorption Spectrometry - Continuous Wave Cavity Enhanced Absorption Spectrometry
... the largest potential to improve is that based on a continuous coupling of laser light into the cavity ... however an active locking the laser to one of the cavity modes ... for cw-CRDS, uses the optical feedback from the cavity to lock the laser to the cavity while the laser is slowly scanned across the profile (OF-CEAS) ...
Lumen Method - Method
... The lumen method in brief consists of calculation of the "cavity ratios" of the upper, middle, and lower volumes of the space to be lighted ... The lower cavity is from the floor to the working height, the upper cavity is from the lower edge of the luminaires to the ceiling, and the middle cavity is the volume between these planes ... by manufacturers for each luminaire design for the various calculated room cavity ratios ...