Catalog or catalogue may refer to:

In science and technology:

  • Astronomical catalog, a catalog of astronomical objects
    • Star catalog, a catalog of stars
  • Pharmacopoeia, a book containing directions for the preparation of compound medicines
  • Database catalog, in computer science

In the arts:

  • Library catalog, a catalog of books and other media
    • Union catalog, a combined library catalog describing the collections of a number of libraries
  • Collection catalog, a catalog of a museum or archive
  • Exhibition catalog, a catalog of art
  • Catalog numbering systems for single records
  • Catalogue raisonné, a list of artworks
  • Music catalog, a catalog of musical compositions
  • Font catalog, a catalog of typefaces containing specimen with example use of fonts

In sales:

  • Mail order catalog
  • Parts book, a book published by a manufacturer, containing the part numbers of their products
  • Trade literature, printed materials published by manufacturing, wholesaling, or retailing firms
  • The retail product offerings of an online shopping service


  • Catalogue (John Hartford album), 1981
  • Catalogue (Moloko album), 2006
  • Catalog (album), an album by Amano Tsukiko
  • Catalogue 1987-1995, a 1995 album by Buck-Tick
  • Catalogue 2005, a 2005 album by Buck-Tick

Other uses:

  • Course catalog, or course curriculum
  • Auction catalog, a catalog that lists items to be sold at an auction
  • Stamp catalog, a catalog of postage stamps

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