Castilian-Leonese Cuisine

Castilian-Leonese cuisine refers to the typical dishes and ingredients of the region of Castile and León in Spain. This cuisine is known for its cooked dishes ("guisos") and its grilled or roasted meats ("asados"), its high-quality wines, the variety of its desserts, its sausages ("embutidos"), and its cheeses. In addition, in certain areas of Castile and León, one can find the important production of apples, almond paste, etc.

Castilian-Leonese cuisine is built around stews and asados, as well as a large assortment of desserts. The major dishes in this cuisine are of veal, morcillas, legumes (such as green beans, garbanzos, and lentils), simple soups with garlic, and select wines. Other major dishes include pork and embutidos, found all over Castile and León, but that reach their peak in Salamanca (specifically in Guijuelo and Candelario); several types of empanadas; roast lamb and suckling pig; morcilla; haricots; cocido maragato (eaten in reverse order); botillo of Bierzo; jamón from Guijuelo; and queso castellano (a sheep's-milk cheese).

Major wines in Castilian-Leonese cuisine include the robust wine of Toro, reds from Ribera del Duero, whites from Rueda, and clarets from Cigales.

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