Caste System

  • (noun): A social structure in which classes are determined by heredity.

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Social Structure Of Sri Lanka - Caste
... South Asian countries Sri Lanka has a complex caste system and as a result extensive caste discrimination, even though its constitution states that all men ... The history of the caste system in Sri Lanka is unclear since there is very little historical evidence and many research carried out into the subject have been criticized as ... people who make up majority of the population have their own distinctive caste system and veneration of these also exist based on geographical lines ...
Dhani And Villages - Caste System
... The layout of a village is based on caste ... A village is a multi-community settlement, the various castes creating a structure of dependence based on the nature of their work ... by a multiplicity of economic, caste, kinship, occupational, and even religious groups linked vertically within each settlement ...
Caste System Among Indian Christians - Christian Castes By Region - Kerala
... They derive status within the caste system from the tradition that they are converted from high caste Hindus who were evangelized by St ... Syrian Christians also practiced it in order to keep their upper-caste status ... for a ritual bath to purify themselves on physical contact with the so-called inferior castes ...
History Of The Indian Caste System - Possible Genetic Origin
... The origins of the Jati caste system are lost in history and folklore ... A question had remained whether or not castes are genetically distinct, and whether genetic differences between groups might partly explain their origin ... clear separation into three genetically distinct groups along caste lines", although "an inferred tree revealed some clustering according to caste affiliation" ...
Sivanath Sastri - Activities - Missionary Activities
... what is now Andhra Pradesh, he agreed to be a guest of Pyda Ramakrishnayya, a Kamti by caste, and who was leading a campaign for remarriage of widows ... him that while in Coimbatore, he had to follow the systems followed there ... Sivanath Sastri plainly said that he was opposed to the caste system, but they argued that those who were not following the caste system were considered to be Christians and ...

Famous quotes containing the words system and/or caste:

    A person, seasoned with a just sense of the imperfections of natural reason, will fly to revealed truth with the greatest avidity: while the haughty Dogmatist, persuaded that he can erect a compleat system of Theology by the mere help of philosophy, disdains any further aid, and rejects this adventitious instructor.
    David Hume (1711–1776)

    For which he wex a litel red for shame,
    Whan he the peple upon him herde cryen,
    That to beholde it was a noble game,
    How sobreliche he caste doun his yen.
    Criseyda gan al his chere aspyen,
    And let so softe it in her herte sinke
    That to herself she seyde, “Who yaf me drinke?”
    Geoffrey Chaucer (1340–1400)