Cassette may refer to:

  • In general, a small Cartridge. It may refer specifically to:
    • Compact Cassette, a worldwide standard for analog audio recording and playback, also known as audio cassette, cassette tape, or tape
    • Digital Audio Tape (or DAT), a digital audio cassette tape format, mainly used by professionals
    • Digital Compact Cassette (or DCC), a short-lived digital audio cassette format aimed at domestic users
    • Videocassette, a cassette containing videotape, for use in VCRs
    • Data cassette, magnetic tape in plastic housing
  • Album (Public Image Ltd album), a 1986 Public Image Ltd album called "Cassette" on certain editions
  • Cassette, a set of multiple sprockets on a bicycle
  • Cassette (New Zealand band), a band from New Zealand
  • Cassette (South African band), a band from South Africa. They won the South African Music Award (SAMA) for best rock album 2007
  • Gene cassette, certain vectors that are normally used to confer a selectable marker on an organism

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Beat Up The NME
... Beat Up the NME (often subtitled 60 Knockout Minutes Mixed By Fatboy Slim) was a free cassette tape given away with the NME in 1997 ... In many ways, Beat Up the NME is a follow-up to another Big Beat cassette tape given free in the NME which was called Xmas Dust Up ... This cassette was released in 1994 and mixed by The Chemical Brothers (whilst they were still known as The Dust Brothers) ...
Dig A Hole / I Hope You Die
... Dig a Hole" / "I Hope You Die" is a cassette single self-released by the Toadies on November 1, 1990 on an IEC Type I compact cassette tape sold exclusively at the Camp Bowie Sound Warehouse in Fort Worth and ... Some copies of this cassette were affixed with hand-cut stickers featuring two contact telephone numbers for booking purposes ... The cassette's single-sided paper label was printed with a dot matrix thermal printer ...
Recombinase-mediated Cassette Exchange
... In the field of reverse genetics RMCE (recombinase-mediated cassette exchange) is of increasing relevance ... For RMCE, this is achieved by the clean exchange of a preexisting "gene cassette" for an analogous cassette carrying the "gene of interest" (GOI) ...
Loran (cassette)
... Loran was the brand name of a blank compact audio cassette marketed throughout the 1970s and 1980s and manufactured by Loran Cassettes Audio Products, Inc, a division of Loranger Manufacturing Corporation ... Unlike most other brands of cassettes at the time, which were made of more conventional formulations of plastic, Loran cassettes were exceptional in that the cassette's housing was made of Lexan thermoplastic ... Lexan was chosen by Loran to provide a blank cassette that was more suited for use in the fluctuating temperatures of automotive environments, especially a car's interior during ...