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Cassandra arrives in Erinsborough and goes to Charlie's bar, where she bumps into Paul Robinson, who mistakes her for a prostitute. Cassandra tells him that she is a receptionist, but that does not mean she has to dress like one. She then heads to Ramsay Street, to move into the Salvation Army owned refuge at Number 24. Cassandra's daughter, Donna, is shocked to see her mother. and begs her not to ruin anything for her, as she has grown fond of the neighbours. Cassandra follows Donna back to her house and runs into Paul again. She allows her daughter to stay where she is, but vows that they will sort their issues out. It is soon revealed that Cassandra had sent her youngest children, Tegan and Simon, ahead to check out the residents of Ramsay Street. When she spots Paul on the street, Cassandra deliberately traps her dress in her car door and then strips to her underwear. She later kisses Paul, who allows himself to be seduced by her. Cassandra tries unsuccessfully to get Paul to give her an advertising sales job at his newspaper, but she finds herself a job at the hospital as a receptionist.

Cassandra sees Paul's friend, Samantha Fitzgerald (Simone Buchanan), as a threat and decides to read her hospital file. She learns that Sam has bipolar disorder and decides to confront her, but Sam blurts out that she had no idea that her ex-husband was not the father of her baby. Sam realises her mistake too late and Cassandra uses the information to blackmail her. Cassandra tells Sam to talk to Donna and convince her to give her mother a chance. When Donna has an argument with her boyfriend, Ringo Brown (Sam Clark), Cassandra invites him to stay the night with her. Donna becomes upset with her mother and when she realises that Paul and Sam are on her side, Donna is forced to move in with her family. Cassandra arranges a date with Paul, but she is furious when he stands her up. She argues with Sam and accidentally reveals the truth about her baby to Stephanie Scully (Carla Bonner), leaving her without a reason to blackmail her anymore. Cassandra later learns that Simon glued Paul's doors shut to stop him going on the date and potentially breaking her heart.

Cassandra gets herself invited to Libby Kennedy (Kym Valentine) and Daniel Fitzgerald's (Brett Tucker) wedding, knowing that Paul will be there. She steals the wedding outfits from the dry cleaners and then offers to help make some new dresses. During the reception, Paul's daughter, Elle (Pippa Black), locks Cassandra in a storeroom to give Paul some time with Rebecca Napier. Believing that Paul is slipping away from her, Cassandra calls Rebecca's ex-boyfriend, Andrew Simpson (Peter Flanigan), and tells him how much Rebecca misses him. Andrew and Rebecca get back together, while Cassandra comforts Paul. She begins causing problems for her children, especially Tegan. Cassandra encourages her daughter to shorten her school skirt to attract the boys, but it backfires when Tegan is bullied by Kyle Canning (Chris Milligan). Cassandra is angry when Tegan alters her skirts back, but Tegan stands up to her and reveals that hates dressing like her mother. Cassandra finds Kyle helping Tegan with her chemistry project and starts flirting with him, angering Tegan once more.

Cassandra learns that Simon stole an iPod and becomes annoyed that her children are rebelling. When Tegan goes to Bridget Parker (Eloise Mignon) for fashion advice, Cassandra insults her and is thrown out by Bridget's mother. Cassandra accidentally purchases a fake scratchcard meant for someone else and believes that she has won $20,000. After Rebecca tells her the truth, Cassandra thinks she is behind the prank and decides to get revenge on her. She asks Tegan to order her an alcoholic drink at the bar, making sure that Rebecca thinks that she will come and collect it. Tegan picks the drink up and Cassandra announces that Rebecca has sold alcohol to a minor, before threatening to call the police. However, not many people believe her and Paul turns against her. Simon and Tegan becomes fed up with their mother and leave to stay with their grandmother. Cassandra seeks revenge on Paul and claims that he has been harassing her. Cassandra begins receiving threatening notes and after a silent phone call, she becomes scared. She later makes a public apology for her actions.

Cassandra also tries to be nice to the neighbours and encourages Donna to audition for the school play. But she becomes jealous of her daughter's success and makes sure she ruins her second audition. Cassandra learns that Donna is her stalker and reports her to the police, despite Elle asking her not to. Cassandra tries to make things right with Donna by offering to help make costumes for the play. However, she mocks her daughter during a rehearsal and accuses Daniel of coming on to her when she sees him comforting her. The Ramsay Street residents later decide to get rid of Cassandra. She is fired from her job for being late, barred from Charlie's and Harold's Store by Elle and reported to the Salvation Army for not needing their house. Cassandra realises that she has been defeated and decides to leave, but not before telling Donna that a guy named Nick is actually her father and not the man who raised her. Cassandra then packs her bags and drives out of the street, knocking over everyone's bins as she goes.

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