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VFA-195 - History - 1970s
... As a unit of Carrier Air Wing 11 on USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63), the squadron deployed in the fall of 1970, marking its fourth consecutive decade of involvement in foreign ... and Linebacker I operations, concentrated air strikes against targets in North Vietnam above the 20th parallel ... deployed with CVW-11 embarked on Kitty Hawk as part of the first CV concept air wing deployment on the west coast ...
Naval Ships Of The United States - Aircraft Carriers
... air power, aircraft carriers are the cornerstones of the United States' forward deployment and deterrence strategy ... Multiple carriers are deployed around the world to provide military presence, respond quickly to crises, and participate in joint exercises with allied forces this has led the Navy to refer to ... summed up the importance of the aircraft carrier by stating that "when word of crisis breaks out in Washington, it's no accident the first question ...
Carrier Air Wing Eleven - History - World War II
... Carrier Air Wing Eleven was commissioned on Navy Day, 1942 as Carrier Air Group Eleven ... its place as the US Navy’s top fighting Air Wings ... Carrier Air Wing Eleven was previously known as Air Group eleven circa 1947 ...
Commodore (United States) - History - 1982 Commodore Admiral/1983 Rear Admiral (lower Half)
... Air Force officers with the U.S ... Patrol Boat Flotillas, Patrol Hydrofoil Missile Ship Squadrons, Special Warfare Groups, Air Groups and Air Wings (other than those officers commanding Carrier Air Groups/Carrier Air Wings ... command of more than a single unit (other than Captains commanding Carrier Air Wings, who retained their traditional title of "CAG") and all U.S ...
List Of United States Navy Carrier Air Wings - Active Carrier Air Wings / Identification
... Atlantic Fleet air wings have an "A" as the first letter of their tailcode identification, while those of the Pacific Fleet have an "N" ... or "N" is followed by a letter that uniquely identifies the air wing (e.g ... Airwing Insignia Tailcode Assigned Aircraft Carrier Homeport CVW-1* AB USS Enterprise NAS Oceana CVW-2 NE USS Abraham Lincoln NAS Lemoore CVW-3 AC USS Harry S ...

Famous quotes containing the words air and/or carrier:

    Spread outward. Crack the round dome. Break through.
    Have liberty not as the air within a grave
    Or down a well. Breathe freedom, oh, my native,
    In the space of horizons that neither love nor hate.
    Wallace Stevens (1879–1955)

    The problems of society will also be the problems of the predominant language of that society. It is the carrier of its perceptions, its attitudes, and its goals, for through it, the speakers absorb entrenched attitudes. The guilt of English then must be recognized and appreciated before its continued use can be advocated.
    Njabulo Ndebele (b. 1948)