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Moon War
Based on an old 'BASIC' game, this one player or multiplayer game requires the user to enter an angle and power with which to fire their cannon with the intention of hitting the other players cannon on the other side of the moon. The variable terrain varies between each level to add variance.
This Weebl's-stuff game requires the player to click a small red dot bouncing around the screen and over large coloured circles. If the player misses the dot and clicks any part of a sphere by accident a life is lost. As levels progress more and more larger circles are present on the screen and the dot moves faster making it more difficult to click the dot without missing.
Ultimate Pie Theft
In this Pacman tribute you, the gamer, must guide the Wee Bull around several levels of mazes eating the pie. As in Pacman, you are chased around the maze. But instead of ghosts Wee Bull is pursued by Weebl, Bob, Hairy Lee & Chris the Ninja Pirate. When ever the fruit appeared it is announced by Derek the monkey though his face never appears.
Dog Fight
This Weebl's Stuff multiplayer game requires the gamer to fight it out in a "classic" dogfight style game against another Weebl's stuff visitor.
Towel Boy
This is a spin-off of the classic snake game. Guide your Towel Boy around the board picking up the ladies, who follow on behind. This was a game originally made by the Weebl's Stuff team for Lynx.
Goodbye Steve
The Steve Irwin Memorial Soundboard is a collection of Steve's greatest quotes - namely each button on the soundboard playing Irwin's catchphrase "Crikey!". The last button however plays a clip of Irwin saying "Croc poo!" and makes the crocodile in Irwin's hands defecate. Released 6 September 2006.
Pumpkin Panic
Fight the nasty pumpkin invasion in this game by Peabo and The Booboo. Released on 30 October 2006, Halloween. Halfway through the second level, the pumpkins form the words "MMM...PIE", a reference to Weebl and Bob
Rock Paper Scissors
The classic rock paper scissors game. The site has a single player and a multiplayer version.
Prawn To be wild
A weekly 12 part point-and-click adventure game sponsored by T-mobile and starring Insanity Prawn Boy. It is set before the crustacean moves to the moon and reveals some of his back story to the player. Some of the episodes have Insanity Prawn Boy meeting with other Weebl characters such as Weebl and Bob and Catface. The episodes are uploaded onto the site every Friday as part of T-Mobile's 'Top up Friday' campaign.
Fanta Dash and Fanta Factory Defender
Made for Fanta, alongside the Jimmy Two Hats cartoons, these games focus around protecting Fanta, the self-proclaimed most fun drink in the world, from the Fun Police. Fanta Dash sees the Evil Ruler of the Hades Cluster riding a comically large bottle of Fanta to recover Fanta from the Fun Police, that can then be used as a boost for gaining further distance. Factory Defender involves setting up cannons around a path to the Fanta Factory to protect it from attack by the Fun Police.
That Dam Game
Based on a winning idea by Noah Wentworth for the Science and Maths competition, That Dam Game involves a farm boy picking up anything he can find to launch from a catapult, in order to push in a giant cork in a dam in order to stop the town being flooded, with scores based on how long the player lasts. Bonus time is awarded for repeated success with certain items (i.e. getting a lot of successful hits with a cow earns you the "Cow Master" bonus.)

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