Capital Mechanized Infantry Division (Republic of Korea)

Capital Mechanized Infantry Division (Republic Of Korea)

The Capital Mechanized Infantry Division (수도기계화보병사단), also known as Tiger Division (맹호사단), is currently one of the five mechanized infantry divisions in the Republic of Korea Army. It is part of the VII Corps, 3rd ROK Army (TROKA), tasked with covering approaches to Seoul from North Korea and counterattack operations.

This division saw extensive combat both during the Korean War and the Vietnam War, where it was despatched in September 1965, as a part of the Republic of Korea's contribution to the South Vietnamese war effort. The 1965 deployment became possible when in August of that year the Republic of Korea's National Assembly passed a bill authorizing the action. Recently, elements of this division were sent as Republic of Korea's contribution to the "coalition of the willing" in Iraq.

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Capital Mechanized Infantry Division (Republic Of Korea) - Trivia
... Prince Yi Seok of the defunct Korean Imperial Household volunteered and served as an enlisted man in a regiment in the Division. 8th Battalion,26th Armored Brigade,Tiger Division was the first unit to receive the K-1 MBT in 1988 ... The Tiger Divisionis mentioned in the book Chickenhawk,by Robert Mason ...

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