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Capital Gains Tax In The United States - History of Capital Gains Tax in The U.S. - Regular and Capital Gains Tax Rates For 2009
... Ordinary income rate Long-term capital gain rate Short-term capital gain rate Long-term gain on commercial buildings* Long-term gain on collectibles Long-term gain on certain small business stock 10% 0% 10% 10 ... Applies to the portion of gains on depreciable real estate (structures used for business purposes) that has been or could have been claimed as ... $104,426–$186,475 $190,201–$372,950 35% $372,951+ $372,951+ $186,476+ $372,951+ Short-term capital gains are taxed as ordinary income rates as listed above ...
Split Share Corporation - Investment Objectives
... Greater safety is provided since the preferred shares are given priority over the capital shares both when income is paid out and when the corporation is wrapped up ... The capital shares of a split share corporation are intended to be a more aggressive investment vehicle, one that can provide both high income and the promise of amplified capital gains compared ... In effect, the holders of capital shares are borrowing money from the holders of the preferred shares at the dividend rate of the preferred shares, and investing that ...
Finance Act 1965
... Capital gains tax is charged on the disposal of assets, and is based on any "real gain" made from the disposal ... If the income comes within income tax, capital gains is not chargeable ... Capital gains tax does not apply to corporations, but an identical provision, known as chargeable gains, is included in corporation tax ...
Separately Managed Account - Description and History
... directly with a money management firm such as Janus Capital Group, ITFX Capital Management Corporation, Ariel Investments, American Century Investments, T ... investor will have a tax liability for any net capital gains in the mutual fund portfolio, even if the investments the fund sold for a gain were purchased before the investor owned the ... This is known as an "unearned capital gain," and has a negative effect on the investor's return from his mutual fund investment ...
Dividend Discount Model - Income Plus Capital Gains Equals Total Return
... such that the sum of its dividend yield (income) plus its growth (capital gains) equals the investor's required total return ... for the growth of earnings and by extension the stock price and capital gains ... Consider the company's cost of equity capital as a proxy for the investor's required total return ...

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