Cape Canaveral Lc

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1990 In Spaceflight - Launches - June
1 June 2148 Delta II 6920-10 Cape Canaveral LC-17A McDonnell Douglas ROSAT Low Earth Astronomy 23 October 2011 Successful 8 June 0521 Titan IVA (405) Cape Canaveral LC-41 Martin Marietta USA-59 (SLDCOM. 23 June 1119 Commercial Titan III Cape Canaveral LC-40 Martin Marietta Intelsat 604 Intelsat Geosynchronous Communications In orbit Successful 27 June 2230 ...
1996 In Spaceflight - Launches - April
3 April 1559 Black Brant 9CM1 White Sands LC-36 NASA NASA Suborbital Aeronomy and microgravity research 3 April Successful 3 April 2301 Atlas IIA Cape Canaveral LC-36A International Launch ...

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