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After the wars of independence and the disastrous earthquake in 1851, Canosa remained predominantly bourgeois country demonstrated by the construction of

palaces. Virtually unscathed by the World War I, the town suffered the effects of the 1930 Irpinia earthquake (79 years later the reconstruction of part of the Cathedral of San Sabino and many buildings continues) and thus had enormous damage.

On 6 November 1943, shortly after the 8 September armistice, the country was bombed during World War II. Some buildings damaged include the church of San Francesco and San Biagio and part of the Town Hall, and 57 people lost their lives. In April 2001 the City of Canosa was awarded the bronze medal for Civil Valor in remembrance of the tragedy. On 17 September 1962, by decree of the President, Canosa was awarded the title of City for its historical traditions and the merits acquired by the community. In 1980 Canosa was again damaged by earthquake. As many times in the past, the town found itself in a state of emergency, with old buildings and some churches declared unusable. Ora sede della locale Fondazione Archeologica (F.A.C.)

Currently Canosa is a center based mainly on agriculture, with a service sector (archaeological tourism) and industry and handicrafts (textiles, food processing and manufacturing).

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