Canopy means a high cover overarching an open space. It may also refer to:

  • Aircraft canopy, transparent enclosure over aircraft cockpit
  • Baldachin, cloth or permanent architectural feature that hangs over altar or throne as symbol of authority
  • Camper shell, raised, rigid covering for the rear bed of a pickup truck
  • Canopy (building), overhead roof or structure that provides shade or other shelter
  • Canopy (biology), aboveground portion of plant community or crop (including forests)
  • Canopy (grape), aboveground portion of grapevine
  • Canopy, a Cloud Services joint venture of Atos, EMC and vmware
  • Canopy Group, U.S. investment firm
  • Canopy (parachute), cloth and suspension line portion of parachute
  • Chuppah, canopy used in Jewish wedding ceremonies
  • Honda Canopy, three-wheeled automobile from Honda
  • Motorola Canopy, wireless broadband solutions
  • OP Canopy, Canadian Forces Operation
  • Umbraculum or Ombrellino, canopy awarded by pope to basilicas
  • Vapor canopy, creationist idea that earth was surrounded by a "canopy" of water
  • Vehicle canopy, type of overhead door for vehicle

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... In viticulture, the canopy of a grapevine includes the parts of the vine visible aboveground - the trunk, cordon, stems, leaves, flowers, and fruit ... The canopy plays a key role in light energy capture via photosynthesis, water use as regulated by transpiration, and microclimate of ripening grapes ... Canopy management is an important aspect of viticulture due to its effect on grape yields, quality, vigor, and the prevention of grape diseases ...
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