Cangjie Input Method - Overview of The Input Method - Examples


  • 車 (chē, vehicle)
    • This character is geometrically connected, consisting of one part with a vertical structure, so we take the first, second, and last Cangjie codes from top to bottom.
    • The Cangjie code is thus 十 田 十 (JWJ), corresponding to the basic shapes of the codes in this example.
  • 謝 (xiè; to thank, to wither)
    • This character consists of geometrically unconnected parts arranged horizontally. For the initial decomposition, we treat it as two parts, 言 and 射.
    • The first part, 言, is geometrically unconnected from top to bottom; we take the first (, auxiliary shape of 卜 Y) and last parts (口, basic shape of 口 R) and arrive at 卜 口 (YR).
    • The second part is again geometrically unconnected, arranged horizontally. The two parts are 身 and 寸.
      • For the first part of this second part, 身, we take the first and last codes. Both are slants and therefore H; the first and last codes are thus 竹 竹 (HH).
      • For the second part of the original second part, 寸, we take only the last part. Because this is geometrically unconnected and consists of two parts, the first part is the outer form while the second part is the dot in the middle. The dot is I, and therefore the last code is 戈 (I).
    • The Cangjie code is thus 卜 口 (YR) 竹 竹 (HH) 戈 (I), or 卜 口 竹 竹 戈 (YRHHI).
  • 谢 (simplified version of 謝)
    • This example is identical to the above, except that the first part is 讠; the first and last codes are 戈 (I) and 女 (V)
    • Repeating the same steps as in the above example, we get 戈 女 (IV) 竹 竹 (HH) 戈 (I), or 戈 女 竹 竹 戈 (IVHHI).

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