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Nine Canadians have participated in 13 NASA manned missions and two Soyuz ones:

Name Launch
Mission Launch date International
Space Station Expedition
Marc Garneau Challenger STS-41-G 1984, October 5 First Canadian in space
Roberta Bondar Discovery STS-42 1992, January 22 First Canadian woman in space
Steven MacLean Columbia STS-52 1992, October 22
Chris Hadfield Atlantis STS-74 1995, November 12 Expedition 34 (forthcoming), Expedition 35 (commander; forthcoming) Only Canadian to visit Mir; first Canadian ISS commander
Marc Garneau Endeavour STS-77 1996, May 19 First Canadian to return to space
Robert Thirsk Columbia STS-78 1996, June 20
Bjarni Tryggvason Discovery STS-85 1997, August 7
Dafydd Williams Columbia STS-90 1998, April 17
Julie Payette Discovery STS-96 1999, May 27 First Canadian to visit International Space Station (ISS mission)
Marc Garneau Endeavour STS-97 2000, November 30 ISS mission, Return to space (third visit)
Chris Hadfield Endeavour STS-100 2001, April 19 ISS mission, Return to space (second visit), First spacewalk by a Canadian
Steven MacLean Atlantis STS-115 2006, September 9 ISS mission, Return to space (second visit), Canadian Spacewalk
Dafydd Williams Endeavour STS-118 2007, August 27 ISS mission, Return to space (second visit), Canadian Spacewalk
Robert Thirsk Soyuz-FG Soyuz TMA-15 (Союз ТМА-15) 2009, May 27 Expedition 20, Expedition 21 Return to space (second visit), First flight on a Russian launch vehicle by a Canadian, first Canadian on a permanent ISS crew
Julie Payette Endeavour STS-127 2009, July 15 ISS mission, First Canadian woman to return to space, First time two Canadians were in space simultaneously (with Thirsk), Largest gathering (13) of humans in space, as 7 STS-127 arrivals join 6 already on ISS, Largest gathering (5) of nationalities in space, as USA, Russia, Japan, Canada, and Belgium have astronauts together on ISS
Guy Laliberté Soyuz Soyuz TMA-16 (Союз ТМА-16) 2009, September 30 First Canadian space tourist

Note: Two former Canadian astronauts never flew in space; Michael McKay resigned due to medical reasons and Kenneth Money resigned in 1992, eight years after his selection.

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