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1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group
1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group (1CMBG) is a Canadian Forces brigade group that is part of Land Force Western Area of the Canadian army ... CFB Shilo in Manitoba, and consists of seven Regular Force units 1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group CFB Edmonton 1st Regiment, Royal Canadian Horse Artillery Artillery CFB Shilo 1 CMBG Headquarters Signal Squadron ...
Royal Canadian Horse Artillery
... The Royal Canadian Horse Artillery is the name given to the regular field artillery units of the Canadian Army ... RCHA units are the senior units of the Canadian land field force, with a history dating back to the birth of Canada as a nation ... These bore the name of the Regiment of Canadian Artillery, with the Royal Canadian Artillery being formed as the militia element in 1895 ...
Canadian Soldiers - Current Structure - Canadian Army
... Main article Canadian Army The Canadian Army is headed by the Commander Canadian Army and administered through four geographically determined ... component of the Army consists of three field-ready brigade groups 1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group, at CFB Edmonton and CFB Shilo 2 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group, at CFB Petawawa and CFB Gagetown and 5 ... and a field ambulance are co-located with each brigade, but do not form part of the brigade's command structure ...
4 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group
4 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group was a formation of the Canadian Army, then Force Mobile Command of the unified Canadian Forces ... It was part of the European formation known as Canadian Forces Europe ... In 1951, 27th Canadian Infantry Brigade arrived in Europe, to be succeeded by 1 CIBG in 1953, then 2 CIBG in 1955, then 4 CIBG in 1957 ...

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