Calvin Hoffman

Calvin Hoffman, born Leo Hochman in Brooklyn, NY (died 1988), was an American theater critic, press agent and writer who popularized in his 1955 book The Man Who Was Shakespeare the Marlovian theory that playwright Christopher Marlowe was the actual author of the works attributed to William Shakespeare. Like other alternate Shakespearean authorship theories, Hoffman's claims have been largely dismissed by mainstream Shakespearean scholars.

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Calvin Hoffman - The Hoffman Prize
... Anxious that the Marlovian theory should not die with him, Hoffman arranged in 1984 a deal with Marlowe's school, The King's School, Canterbury, that in exchange for his leaving a large sum of money to them in ... Since his death in 1988, when the first Calvin Rose G ... Hoffman Memorial Prize was awarded, only four of the thirty prize-winning essays have actually espoused his theory ...

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