California Proposition 11 (2008) - Supporters - Donors Supporting Prop 11

Donors Supporting Prop 11

As of September 24, three campaign committees supporting Prop. 11 have filed officially with the Secretary of State's office. Some donors have contributed to more than one of these committees. The largest donors altogether are:

  • Gov. Schwarzenegger's California Dream Team, $2,446,000.
  • Charles Munger Jr., son of billionaire Charles Munger, $1 million
  • Michael Bloomberg (the mayor of New York City), $250,000.
  • Howard Lester (of Williams-Sonoma), $250,000.
  • Brian Harvey, president of Cypress Land Company, $250,000.
  • Reed Hastings, founder of Netflix, $250,000
  • New Majority California PAC, $237,500.
  • Meg Whitman, CEO, eBay, $200,000.
  • William Bloomfield, $150,000

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