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As King's House School

The school was established in the late 1940s by Miss Mai Barth, she having taught at a British garrison in WWII. The school has been known by its current name of Calcutta International School since 1970. It was formerly called King's House School but was more popularly known as "Miss Barth's". It started as a primary school exclusively for the children of the then expatriate British community, but quickly progressed to cater for the increasing number of children of European families and a few American children. Miss Barth was awarded an MBE for her services in 1959. She was renowned for her elaborate annual pantomime productions in which every schoolchild participated, her regular use of publicly administered corporal punishment, and her Christmas present to every single child. The school was housed in a now-demolished colonial building at 18, Lee Road, Kolkata-700020. In 2011 an Alumni group was formed on Facebook (see link below) and, by the November 2012 re-union, the group had over 40 members worldwide.

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