Caco or CACO can refer to:

  • Cacosternum, a genus of frogs.
  • Cacos (military group), a historical military group from Haiti.
  • Caco, a Puerto Rican slang term for a listener of Reggaeton music or a young hoodlum.
  • Caco, a common nickname for the Portuguese given name Carlos.
  • cacos, a function for complex.h in the C programming language.
  • Casualty Assistance Calls Officer, in Casualty notification.
  • Caco is the nickname of the Brazilian writer Alcione Sortica.

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... boettgeri – Boettger's Dainty Frog Cacosternum capense – Cape Caco Cacosternum karooicum – Karoo Dainty Frog Cacosternum kinangopense Cacosternum leleupi – Katanga Caco Cacosternum ...
Mušan Topalović - Death
... Caco's excesses, brutal crimes against civilians and refusal to have the 10th Mountain Brigade fall under the ARBIH chain of command led the Bosnian government to ... During the operation, Caco and a few of his associates killed nine police officers and took several dozen civilians as hostages ... in the most brutal ways, on that day by Caco and his men ...
Portneuf River (Idaho) - Biogeochemistry of The Portneuf River Watershed - Carbon Exchange
... The exchange of inorganic carbon between the solid earth and the atmosphere in the Portneuf watershed has produced deposits of CaCO3 throughout the system ... Known as travertine and tufa, these deposits are formed as a function of the dynamic groundwater and geology of the region ...
Mušan Topalović
... Mušan "Caco" Topalović (4 October 1957, Sarajevo - 26 October 1993, Sarajevo) was commander of the 10th Mountain Brigade in the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina ... Caco was also a smuggler, thief and gangster inside the besieged capital Sarajevo ... Caco only became a brigade commander because of the confusion of the Yugoslav secession crisis in the spring of 1992 ...