Bwamba Fever

Bwamba Fever

Bwamba Fever virus is from the genus Orthobunyavirus and belongs to the order Bunyaviridae. It has a negative sense single stranded RNA (ssRNA) genome, and so is classified as a class V virus under the Baltimore classification system. The genome is segmented into three pieces, Large (L), Medium (M) and Small (S), which have a combined length of approximately 12,000nt. The S RNA encodes a nucleocapsid and non structural proteins, the M RNA encodes envelope glycoproteins and a non structural membrane polypeptide and the L RNA encodes an RNA dependent RNA polymerase.

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Bwamba Fever
... Bwamba fever virus is transmitted to humans through mosquito bites and causes Bwamba fever ... Bwamba fever presents itself as a severe generalised infection of short duration, usually only lasting four to five days ... Symptoms include fever, headache, arthralgia, and local as well as generalised pain ...

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