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Shadow Initiative

After Norman Osborn takes control of the Initiative, Schaub is among those shown as a member of Osborn's new Shadow Initiative, assembled to take back control of Negative Zone Prison Alpha from the forces of Blastaar. In reality, this shadow group, under the command of Henry Peter Gyrich is made up of expendable super-powered beings. This, so the more valued members of the Initiative are not slain in a brutal frontal assault. Schaub accompanies the team to liberate the Negative Zone prison. They are swiftly assaulted by the aliens. Schaub is traumatized at the deaths of Slaughter Boy, Johnny Guitar and Firearms. He then reports that half of the sub-team Heavy Mettle are either dead or incapacitated. With the assistance of Hardball, a prison inmate, the facility is retaken. Schaub has subsequently been referred to as a hero by Norman Osborn and used as an everyman figure for propaganda purposes by H.A.M.M.E.R., Osborn's military arm.

During the Siege, Penance evades the guards and convinces Batwing, Bengal, and Butterball into helping Avengers Resistance As Osborn is defeated, Butterball and Batwing create a new superteam for North Carolina, based in Morganton, with the task to replace the jailed U-Foes. He and Batwing are currently the only two members of this team.

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