Builder may refer to:

  • General contractor, that specializes in building work
    • Subcontractor
  • Construction worker who specializes in building work
  • Builder (detergent) a component of modern detergents
  • Real estate developer who causes buildings to be constructed
  • Builder (hockey) in ice hockey manages or builds the game
  • Builder (US Navy), U.S. Navy Rating
  • Builder pattern, an object-oriented design pattern
  • Builders Energy, an oil and gas services company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • Carpenter, a skilled craftsman who works with wood
  • Interactive Scenario Builder, an RF Tactical Decision Aid often referred to as Builder
  • Build engineer, a software engineer specializing in builds (versions) of large software products
  • The Builders, a Fawlty Towers episode
  • The Builder (film), 2010 film
  • The Builder (magazine), British magazine
  • The Institute of Builders, British professional society

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... HMS St Albans Builder Perry, Blackwall Yard, London Ordered 13 January 1761 Launched 12 September 1764 Fate Broken up, 1814 HMS Augusta Builder Wells and Stanton, Rotherhithe Ordered 13 ...
Lively Class Frigate - Ships in Class
... HMS Lively Builder Woolwich Dockyard Ordered 15 October 1799 Laid down November 1801 Launched 23 July 1804 Completed 27 August 1804 Fate Wrecked off Malta on ... HMS Resistance Builder Charles Ross, Rochester Ordered 7 November 1803 Laid down March 1804 Launched 10 August 1805 Completed 19 October 1805 at Chatham Dockyard ... HMS Apollo Builder George Parsons, Bursledon ...
Shipbuilding Contract - What Are The Builder’s Remedies?
... the buyer cannot fulfill the payment, the builder may The buyer may want to exit from the contract due to change in market situation or financial situation ... When the builder had made use of his contractual remedy to cancel the contract for the future, the buyer’s default indeed will trigger the guarantor ... The builder has remedies available when the buyer breaches the contract ...
St. Paul's Episcopal Church (Cleveland Heights, Ohio) - Organs
... organs is a 1952 instrument built by local builder Walter Holtkamp ... installed an instrument by the Austrian builder Gerhard Hradetzky ...
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... SOPC Builder (System on a Programmable Chip Builder) is software made by Altera that automates connecting soft-hardware components to create a complete computer ... SOPC Builder incorporates a library of pre-made components (including the flagship Nios II soft processor, memory controllers, interfaces, and peripherals) and an interface for ... are all handled automatically when SOPC Builder generates the system ...

Famous quotes containing the word builder:

    Nature is a self-made machine, more perfectly automated than any automated machine. To create something in the image of nature is to create a machine, and it was by learning the inner working of nature that man became a builder of machines.
    Eric Hoffer (1902–1983)

    The structure was designed by an old sea captain who believed that the world would end in a flood. He built a home in the traditional shape of the Ark, inverted, with the roof forming the hull of the proposed vessel. The builder expected that the deluge would cause the house to topple and then reverse itself, floating away on its roof until it should land on some new Ararat.
    —For the State of New Jersey, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)