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Like all Starlight Express characters, Buffy has been through many costume changes. She is always based in yellow or gold, and with the exception of the On Ice production, has never had a skirt. She does have a folded napkin down the back of her belt, which has changed size from production to production. The main feature of her costume is the chest box, which is a display cabinet usually showing cakes behind perspex windows. Buffy usually has stockings and suspenders(or leggings that look like them), but in a few London designs(e.g. that worn by Roni Bruno) she had 'window' stripes down the sides of plain cream leggings, which brought her into greater unison with Pearl and Dinah. Her leotard is patterned with diamonds, which have been both painted lycra and DeVoré velvet in varying productions. She has horizontal lines on her upper arms, which represent the suspension springs that railway carriages sit on.

The later Las Vegas design, which then toured the US and now tours the UK, managed to give the illusion of Buffy baring more flesh by putting her silver stockings over flesh-coloured body stocking, so that her upper thighs appear naked, replacing the midriff of her leotard with body stocking so that she appears to be wearing a bikini, and lowering the neckline of her chest box so that she has cleavage on display. Ironically, though, she is now the most covered-up of the Coaches, as she has something on her legs.

In Starlight on Ice, Buffy's outfit bore more relation to Dinah's in the other productions. This time, she had a skirt and wears blue and white. Her bodice and sleeves are folded napkins. Her hair is black with a flower sticking out the top, like a vase.

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