BSP is a three-letter abbreviation that may refer to:

Computers and technology

  • Bell System Practices, technical documentation series published internally by the AT&T Bell System
  • Board support package, software needed to operate motherboards
  • Bulk Synchronous Parallel abstract computer, a model for designing parallel algorithms
  • Bulk Supply Point, a supply point in electrical grid, usually 132 kV and below
  • Blog service provider, a company offering blog services
  • Broadband Service Provider, a company offering broadband internet access
  • Business Service provider, a company offering business applications over the Web
  • Business System Planning, a business methodology developed by IBM
  • Bug squashing party, a collaborative event held to eliminate software bugs
  • Binary space partitioning
    • BSP (file format)
    • BSP (editor)
  • Byte Stream Protocol, part of the Xerox PARC Universal Packet network protocol suite


  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Paramedicine, a four year academic degree in the science and principles of paramedicine.


  • Bahujan Samaj Party, India
  • Bulgarian Socialist Party
  • British Socialist Party
  • Belgian Socialist Party
  • Bolshevik Samasamaja Party


  • Baby stroller parking
  • Battlestations: Pacific, a video game
  • Baxter State Park, a wilderness park in Maine and home to Mount Katahdin
  • Beta Sigma Phi, an International Woman's Organization
  • British School of Paris
  • British standard pipe thread, a standard scale used in plumbing fittings
  • British Sea Power, a band
  • Bayside State Prison
  • Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, the Central Bank of the Philippines
  • Bank South Pacific, the largest bank in Papua New Guinea
  • Bayerische Staatssammlung für Paläontologie und Geologie, a research institution in Munich
  • Billing and Settlement Plan, an accounting system for airlines
  • Blue Square Premier, the sponsored name of the Conference National, an English football league
  • Boy Scouts of the Philippines
  • Brunei Shell Petroleum, an oil company
  • Bristol Schools Philharmonia
  • Bone sialoprotein
  • Brondesbury Park railway station, London, which has station code BSP
  • Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety, or Biosafety Protocol

Other articles related to "bsp":

Business System Planning
... Business System Planning(BSP) is a method for analyzing, defining and designing an information architecture of organizations ... It was first issued by IBM in 1981, though the initial work on BSP began in the early 1970s ... BSP brings new approach to design an information architecture and its goals are to Understand the issues and opportunities with the current applications and technical ...
Bone Sialoprotein - Function
... The amount of BSP in bone and dentin is roughly equal, however the function of BSP in these mineralized tissues is not known ... One possibility is that BSP acts as a nucleus for the formation of the first apatite crystals ... As the apatite forms along the collagen fibres within the extracellular matrix, BSP could then help direct, redirect or inhibit the crystal growth ...
Bank South Pacific
... Bank South Pacific (or BSP) is Papua New Guinea’s largest bank, with 35 branches throughout the country and in operation in 4 countries ... BSP currently services over 650,000 business banking customers throughout the Pacific ... As of 31 December 2011 BSP has total assets valued at K11.7 billion and market capitalisation at K3.6 billion ...
Bone Sialoprotein - Structure
... Native BSP has an apparent molecular weight of 60-80 kDa based on SDS-PAGE, which is a considerable deviation from the predicted weight (based on cDNA sequence) of approximately 33 kDa ... The mammalian BSP cDNAs encode for proteins averaging 327 amino acids, which includes the 16-residue preprotein secretory signal peptide ... and hydrophobicity analyses suggest that the primary sequence of BSP has an open, flexible structure with the potential to form regions of α-helix and some β-sheet ...