Bruns is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Dmitri Bruns (born 1929), Estonian architect and architecture theorist
  • Franklin Richard Bruns Jr. (1912-1979), of Maryland
  • George Bruns (1914–1983), American music composer
  • Manfred Bruns (born 1934), German gay civil rights activist
  • Neville Bruns (born 1958), Australian rules footballer
  • Paul von Bruns (1846–1916), German surgeon, son of Victor
  • Phil Bruns (born 1931), American television actor
  • Roger Bruns
  • Victor Bruns (1904–1996), German composer and bassoonist
  • Victor von Bruns (1812–1883), German surgeon, father of Paul

Other articles related to "bruns":

Charles Schmid - The Murders
... Schmid confided to his friend Richard Bruns that he murdered the sisters and showed Bruns the bodies, buried haphazardly in the desert ... Bruns became increasingly afraid that Schmid was going to murder his girlfriend ... Ultimately, Bruns had to go to Ohio because his girlfriend's parents were convinced that he was harassing her ...
Ludwig Bruns
... Ludwig Bruns (25 June 1858 – 9 November 1916) was a German neurologist who was a native of Hanover ... Bruns would maintain a working relationship with Oppenheim throughout his professional career ... Bruns was the first director of the Gesellschaft Deutscher Nervenärzte (German Society of Neurologists) ...
Ludwig Bruns - Associated Epoyms
... Bruns ataxia Difficulty in moving the feet when they are in contact with the ground and a tendency to fall backwards, associated with frontal lobe lesions ... Bruns’ syndrome Characterized by sudden and severe headache, accompanied by vomiting and vertigo, triggered by abrupt movement of the head ... Bastian-Bruns law In complete transverse lesion in the upper spinal cord, the tendon reflexes and muscular tone below the level of the lesion are lost ...
Cruise Confidential - Unsinkable Mister Brown
... Unsinkable Mister Brown is the third book in Bruns’s Cruise Confidential series, though it’s not necessary to read the first two to follow it ... hardships are secondary to the woman Bruns endures them for ... With a candid, no-muss style, Bruns shows just how smitten he and Bianca are with one another, though they’re not without their jokes and stubborn streaks ...