British Subjects

British Subjects

In British nationality law and the nationality laws of other Commonwealth jurisdictions, the term British subject has at different times had different meanings. The current definition of the term British subject under British nationality law is contained in the British Nationality Act 1981.

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Scouting In Australia - International and Ethnic Scout and Guide Organizations Operating in Australia
... British scouts - The Scout Association of Australia and its state branches are each branch corporations of The Scout Association of the United Kingdom ... After 1976 British subjects continued to be automatically admitted to membership while foreign subjects including residents were still subject to special conditions and approval ... A number of scout organizations for non-British subjects, including "Scouts-in-exile" from Ukraine, Baltic States, Russia, Hungary and Poland, were formed in the 1940s ...
British Subjects - Other Terms
... Although the term "British subject" now has a very restrictive statutory definition in the United Kingdom, and it would therefore be incorrect to describe a ... continue to be used in British legal discourse ... The term "United Kingdom national" (sometimes referred to as "British national"), is used differently in various statutes, but most commonly means British Citizens ...
South African Nationality Law - British Nationality and South Africa - Citizenship of The UK and Its Colonies
... On 2 September 1949, most British subjects from South Africa acquired South African citizenship ... Such persons would only have acquired British citizenship in 1983 if they had acquired a right of abode in the UK at the time ... Otherwise they would have become British Overseas citizens ...
British Passport - Issuing
... In the United Kingdom, British passports (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) are issued by the Identity and Passport Service ... In the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, British passports are issued by the Lieutenant-Governor ... In British overseas territories, British Overseas Territories Citizen passports are issued by the Governor of the territory, whilst British Citizen passport application are forwarded to the Passport Section of ...
Bowring Treaty
... as foreign trade had previously been subject to heavy royal taxes ... The treaty also allowed the establishment of a British consulate in Bangkok and guaranteed its full extraterritorial powers, and allowed Englishmen to own land in Siam ... The regulations in short are British subjects were placed under consular jurisdiction ...

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