Bridger may refer to:

  • The Bridger Family of Virginia
  • Bridger Palmer (born 1998), American actor
  • Nathan Bridger, a character on the television series seaQuest DSV

People with the surname Bridger:

  • Bobby Bridger (born 1945), American artist
  • Deonne Bridger (born 1972), Australian athlete
  • Harry Bridger (18th century), English professional cricketer
  • Lewis Bridger (born 1989), English motorcycle racer
  • Samuel Bridger (born 1777), English professional cricketer
  • Tom Bridger (1934-1991), British racing driver

Locations and features named for Jim Bridger (1804-1881), noted American explorer:

  • Bridger, Montana, United States
  • Fort Bridger, Wyoming, United States
  • Bridger Mountains (Wyoming)
  • Bridger Mountains (Montana)
  • Bridger Trail, emigration trail in Wyoming, United States
  • Bridger Wilderness, Wyoming, United States
  • Bridger-Teton National Forest, Wyoming, United States
  • Bridger Bowl Ski Area, Montana, United States

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List Of Sea Quest DSV Episodes - Summary of Series
... Designed by navy captain Nathan Bridger, the seaQuest was originally designed as a military vessel ... a global war in the early 21st century, Bridger retires from the service and retreats to an island somewhere in the Yucat√°n Peninsula ... Devoting the majority of his time to science, Bridger rescued a dolphin, whom he named Darwin, from a fisherman's net in a lagoon ...
Lewis Bridger
... Lewis Alan Bridger (born 4 November 1989, in Hastings, Sussex) is a speedway rider in the United Kingdom, riding with the Lakeside Hammers in the Elite League ... On 21 September 2007, Bridger was selected to represent Great Britain at the 2007 Under 21-World Cup Final ... On 20 November 2009, Bridger signed for Peterborough Panthers from his home town club Eastbourne Eagles ...
Baby Glacier (Wyoming)
... Baby Glacier is in the Bridger Wilderness of Bridger-Teton National Forest, in the U.S ... Baby Glacier is in the Bridger Wilderness and is part of the largest grouping of glaciers in the American Rocky Mountains ...
Main Characters Of Sea Quest DSV Season 1 - First Season Main Characters - Darwin
... Before accepting command of the Seaquest, Nathan Bridger, while living on an island, befriended and began working on communicating with and training Darwin, using hand-signals to communicate ... close friends, and even in his capacity as captain, Bridger often referred to him as "My dolphin," treating him at times like a very fond pet, and at other times like an equal, even diverting the ship ... was also shown to have a particularly close relationship with Darwin after Darwin and Bridger joined the crew, and it was Lucas who developed the vo-corder translation system (based on ...