Brett - Surname


  • Brian Brett (born 1950), Canadian writer
  • Charles Brett (1928–2005), Northern Irish lawyer
  • Charles Brett (MP) (1715–1799), British politician
  • Dorothy Brett (1883–1977), British-American painter
  • George Brett (baseball) (born 1953), American baseball player, brother of Ken Brett
  • George Brett (general) (1886–1963), American general
  • George Wendell Brett (1912–2005), American philatelist
  • Henry Brett (polo player), English polo player
  • Jan Brett (born 1949), American children's writer
  • Jasper Brett (1895–1917), Irish rugby player
  • Jeremy Brett (1933–1995), British actor
  • John Brett (bishop), Bishop of Killala from 1743 to 1748 and Bishop of Elphin from 1748 to 1756
  • John Brett (1831–1902), British painter
  • Ken Brett (1948–2003), American baseball player
  • Laurie Brett (born 1970), British actress
  • Paul Brett (born 1947), British guitarist
  • Peter V. Brett (born 1973), American writer of fantasy novels
  • Philip Brett (1937–2002), American musicologist and conductor
  • Philip Milledoler Brett (1871–1960), American lawyer and university president
  • Raymond L. Brett (1917–1996), Professor of English and a friend of Philip Larkin
  • Reginald Brett, 2nd Viscount Esher (1852–1930), British politician
  • Richard Brett (1567–1637), English scholar
  • Robert Brett (1851–1929), Canadian politician
  • Simon Brett (born 1945), British writer
  • Stephen Brett (born 1985), New Zealand rugby player
  • Sylvia Brett (1885–1971), Ranee of Sarawak
  • Thomas Brett (1747–1809), English cricketer
  • William Baliol Brett, 1st Viscount Esher (1817–1899), British lawyer
  • William Brett, Baron Brett (born 1942), English politician and businessman

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