Breech may refer to:

  • Breeches, an item of clothing covering the body from the waist down
  • Breech, in a breech-loading weapon, is a chamber integral to the rear portion of a gun barrel that receives the shell, cartridge, or ammunition
  • Buttocks, the lower part of the human abdomen
  • The lower part of a pulley block
  • The penetration of a boiler where exhaust gases leave it

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Crosman 1377 - Review
... First variant with steel breech and sliding breech cover, Phase I, 1977-1981 Second variant with plastic breech Pellet/BB, 1981-1999 Third variant with plastic breech for pellet only, 1999-Present ...
Amiens Gun - Firing Sequence
... Load – the gun was run back on its mountings with the breech in under the shelter ... ammunition – shell and cartridge case (German guns had the Krupp breech and used brass cartridge cases for all calibres) and the hydraulic rammer which rammed the shell and cartridge ... Loaded – ready – the loaded gun was run back on its mounting with the breech end over the well between the two side frames of the carriage ...
SIG MKMS - Delayed Blowback Action
... When the firearm is in battery, the breech block rests slightly forward of the locking shoulder in the frame ... When the cartridge is fired, the breech block and bolt carrier move together a short distance rearward powered by the energy of the cartridge as in a standard ... When the breech block contacts the locking shoulder, it stops, locking the breech ...
Breech Academy
94°39′35″W / 39.013432°N 94.659625°W / 39.013432 -94.659625 Breech Academy (also called Breech Training Academy) was a school operated by Trans World Airlines between ... Breech ...