Brauer or Bräuer is a surname of German origin, meaning "brewer". Notable people with the name include:

  • Arik Brauer (born 1929), Austrian painter, poet, and actor, father of Timna Brauer
  • Friedrich Moritz Brauer (1832–1904), Austrian entomologist and museum director
  • Ingrid Arndt-Brauer (born 1961), German politician; member of the Bundestag
  • Jono Brauer (born 1981), Australian Olympic skier
  • Max Brauer (1887–1973), German politician; First Mayor of Hamburg
  • Michael Brauer (contemporary), American audio engineer
  • Rich Brauer (born 1954), American politician from Illinois; state legislator since 2003
  • Richard Brauer (1901–1977), German-American mathematician
  • Richard H. W. Brauer (contemporary), American art museum director; eponym of the Brauer Museum of Art in Valparaiso, Indiana
  • Thage Brauer (1894–1988), Swedish Olympic high jumper
  • Timna Brauer (born 1961), Austrian singer and songwriter, daughter of Arik Brauer
  • Tiny Brauer (1909–1990), American actor
  • Wilfried Brauer (born 1937), German computer scientist
  • Bruno Bräuer (1893–1947), German general officer and paratrooper; executed in Greece for war crimes
  • Curt Bräuer (1889–1969), German diplomat; ambassador to Norway at the time of the German invasion

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... Max Julius Friedrich Brauer (3 September 1887 – 2 February 1973) was a German politician of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) and first elected First Mayor of Hamburg after World War II ... In 1923 Brauer was mayor of the independent city of Altona ... Brauer fled the Nazi regime to the United States in 1933 with a passport of a friend ...