Brain Stem

  • (noun): The part of the brain continuous with the spinal cord and comprising the medulla oblongata and pons and midbrain and parts of the hypothalamus.
    Synonyms: brainstem, brain-stem

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Beginning Of Human Personhood - Biological Markers - Brain Function (brain Birth)
... In the years since the designation of brain death as a new criterion for death, attention has been directed towards the central role of the nervous ... This latter quest has led to the concept of brain birth (or brain life), signifying the converse of brain death ... the beginning and end of life, thus if brain function is a criterion used to determine the medical death of a person, it should also be the criterion for ...
Feeding - Eating Practices Among Humans - Hunger and Satiety - Role of The Brain in Eating
... The brain stem can control food intake, because it contains neural circuits that detect hunger and satiety signals from other parts of the body ... The brain stem’s involvement of food intake has been researched using rats ... Rats that have had the motor neurons in the brain stem disconnected from the neural circuits of the cerebral hemispheres (decerebration), are unable to ...
Brain Stem Death - Evolution of Diagnostic Criteria
... need for guidance in the management of deeply comatose patients with severe brain damage who were being kept alive by mechanical ventilators but showing no signs of recovery ... of some reflexes with pathways through the brain stem and a specified challenge to the brain stem respiratory centre, with caveats about exclusion of endocrine influences ... those same criteria – then thought sufficient for a diagnosis of brain death – “means that the patient is dead” Death certification on those criteria has ...
Arseculeratne V. Priyani Soysa - Legal Issues
... The plaintiff's case was that the defendant was negligent in not diagnosing Brain Stem Glioma and in the misdiagnosis of Rheumatic Chorea ... Since the tumour was found in the brain stem region it is extremely unlikely that any form of treatment would have had any benefit ... Since Brain Stem Glioma was a terminal condition with no prospect of effective treatment, it was also argued for the defendant that even if her negligence was established, causation had not been proved and as such ...
... In vertebrate anatomy the brainstem (or brain stem) is the posterior part of the brain, adjoining and structurally continuous with the spinal cord ... The brain stem provides the main motor and sensory innervation to the face and neck via the cranial nerves ... Though small, this is an extremely important part of the brain as the nerve connections of the motor and sensory systems from the main part of the brain to the rest of the body pass ...

Famous quotes containing the words stem and/or brain:

    Bite down
    on the bitter stem of your nectared
    rose, you know
    the dreamy stench of death and fling
    magenta shawls delicately
    about your brown shoulders laughing.
    Denise Levertov (b. 1923)

    I think “taste” is a social concept and not an artistic one. I’m willing to show good taste, if I can, in somebody else’s living room, but our reading life is too short for a writer to be in any way polite. Since his words enter into another’s brain in silence and intimacy, he should be as honest and explicit as we are with ourselves.
    John Updike (b. 1932)