Brain Size

Brain size is one aspect of animal anatomy and evolution. Both overall brain size and the size of substructures have been analysed, and the question of links between size and functioning - particularly intelligence - has often proved controversial. Brain size is sometimes measured by weight and sometimes by volume (via MRI scans or by skull volume).

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Brain Size - Modern Humans - Development and Aging
... There is variation in child development in the size of different brain structures between individuals and genders ... as neuronal connectivity and receptor density, and of note is the high variability of brain size even in narrowly defined groups, for example children at the ... Significant dynamic changes in brain structure take place through adulthood and aging, with substantial variation between individuals ...
Bambiraptor - Description - Brain
... Bambiraptor had a brain size in the lower range of modern birds ... in the trees may have required evolutionary pressure that resulted in a larger brain ... Burnham also offers an alternative hypothesis that a larger brain could be selected for as a result of hunting more agile prey items such as lizards and mammals ...
Cooking? Cooking! (song) - History
... evolution, as it reduced the time required for foraging and led to an increase in brain size ... He estimates the percentage decrease in gut size of early humans directly correlates to the increase in brain size ... view among anthropologists is that the increases in human brain size occurred well before the advent of cooking, due to a shift away from the consumption of nuts and berries ...
DUF1220 - Links With Disease and Evolutionary Adaptation
... may be involved in influencing human brain size ... tested, DUF1220 sequences were the only ones to show consistent correlation between copy number and brain size in both disease (micro/macrocephaly) and non-disease populations ... correlation of DUF1220 copy number with brain size as well as with brain cortical neuron number ...
Evolution Of The Brain
... The phylogenic evolution of the brain's structure is not particularly well understood ... A simple statistic is the absolute brain size which has been demonstrated to predict mental flexibility in non-human primates (Gibson et al ... Brain size is usually measured in terms of the brain to body size ratio ...

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    It is very considerably smaller than Australia and British Somaliland put together. As things stand at present there is nothing much the Texans can do about this, and ... they are inclined to shy away from the subject in ordinary conversation, muttering defensively about the size of oranges.
    Alex Atkinson, British humor writer. repr. In Present Laughter, ed. Alan Coren (1982)

    Why does man freeze to death trying to reach the North Pole? Why does man drive himself to suffer the steam and heat of the Amazon? Why does he stagger his mind with the mathematics of the sky? Once the question mark has arisen in the human brain the answer must be found, if it takes a hundred years. A thousand years.
    Walter Reisch (1903–1963)