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Takeshi Yamamoto - Character Outline - Weapons and Abilities
... Yamamoto then learns to fuse his swallow box weapon, called "Kojirō" (小次郎?) or the "Rondine di Pioggia" (Italian Swallow of the Rain), with the Shigure Kintoki ... along with the three short swords his Akita Inu Vongola box weapon "Jirō" (次郎?) carries on its back, creates the quadruple irregular blade "Asari Ugetsu" (朝利雨月?) ... The other, involves using his Kojirō box weapon to create a strong current of rain flames and water, later called "Scontro di Rondine" (Clash of ...
List Of Reborn! Episodes (season 5) - Episode List
... Spanner leaves the Mosca and prepares to kill Tsuna 108 "A Man's Box Weapon" "Otoko no Bokkusu Heiki" (漢(おとこ)の匣(ボックス)兵器) November 15, 2008 Tsuna's ... Nigella is then beaten by Baishana box weapon, a snake covered in storm flames ... of Yamamto and Gokudera and summons his box weapon Kangayuu, a Kangaroo ...
List Of Reborn! Episodes (season 4) - Episode List
... Gokudera uses his ring and opens his box weapon to reveal a cannon ... emit a flame depending on the element of the user and boxes contain weapons or animals enchanted by those flames ... Lal Mirch asks Tsuna to open a box of an unknown element as the sky flame is able to open boxes of all elements 79 "The First Trial" "Saisho no Shiren" (最初の試練) April 19, 2008 Tsuna manages to open ...

Famous quotes containing the words weapon and/or box:

    Temptation is the woman’s weapon and the man’s excuse.
    —H.L. (Henry Lewis)

    The distant box is open. A sound of grain
    Poured over the floor in some eagerness we
    Rise with the night let out of the box of wind.
    John Ashbery (b. 1927)