Bowser may refer to:

  • Bowser (character), the main villain in the Mario series of video games
    • Bowser, Jr., Bowser's son
  • Bowser (tanker), a generic name for a tanker of various kinds
  • A fuel dispenser (in Australian English), a machine at a filling station that is used to pump liquid fuel into vehicles
  • Bowser, British Columbia, an unincorporated community on Vancouver Island
  • Bowser and Blue, a musical duo from Quebec, Canada who write and perform comedic songs
  • A fictional police officer named Bowser from the cartoon C.O.P.S.
  • Bowser Manufacturing, a manufacturer of model railroad items
  • Boomer and Bowser, one of the two mascots owned by the Indiana Pacers
  • Jon Bauman (born 1947), singer formerly of Sha Na Na who goes by the stage name of "Bowzer"

Bowser is the surname of:

  • Arda Bowser (1899–1996), professional football player
  • Charley Bowser (born c. 1890), American football coach
  • John Bowser (1856–1936), Australian politician
  • John Bowser (1856–1936), Solicitor and Coroner in South Lincolshire
  • John W. Bowser (1892–1956), Canadian who supervised construction of the Empire State Building
  • Jonathon Earl Bowser, Canadian artist
  • Mary Bowser, American freed slave who worked as a Union spy during the American Civil War
  • Muriel Bowser, Democratic politician in Washington, D.C
  • Ryan Bowser, music producer
  • Sylvanus Bowser (19th-century–1938), American inventor
  • William John Bowser (1867–1933), Canadian politician

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