Bosnian may refer to:

  • Anything related to Bosnia (region) or its inhabitants
  • Anything related to the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina or its inhabitants
  • Bosnian language, a South Slavic language spoken mainly in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Bosniaks, an ethnic group mainly inhabiting Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Bosnians, people who live in, or come from, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Bošnjani (Latin: Bosniensis), the name of inhabitants of Bosnia during the Middle Ages

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Croat–Bosniak War - Background
12, 1991, numerous leading members of the Bosnian HDZ drafted a document that stated, among other things, that " the Croat people in Bosnia-Herzegovina must finally undertake a decisive and active policy that should ... Tuđman arranged for Stjepan Kljuić, president of the Bosnian branch of the HDZ who favored cooperating with the Bosniaks towards a unified Bosnian state, to be ousted and replaced by Mate Boban ... On April 10, 1992, Mate Boban decreed that the Bosnian Territorial Defence (TO), which had been created the day before, was illegal on self-proclaimed ...