Borden Chase

Borden Chase (January 11, 1900 – March 8, 1971) was an American writer.

Born Frank Fowler, he went through an assortment of jobs, including driving for gangster Frankie Yale and working as a sandhog on the construction of New York's Holland Tunnel, before turning to writing, first short stories and novels, and later, screenplays. When 20th Century Fox produced Under Pressure (1935), his screen adaptation of his novel, Sandhog (based on his Holland Tunnel experience), he moved to Hollywood and changed his name to Borden Chase, allegedly getting his nominal inspiration from Borden Milk and Chase Manhattan Bank.

Chase provided the story for Anthony Mann's first film, Dr. Broadway (1942), but his screenplays for the director's 1950s westerns, Winchester '73 (1950), Bend of the River (1952) and The Far Country (1954), along with his Academy Award nomination for Howard Hawks' seminal Red River (1948), were his crowning achievements.

Chase was an active member of the Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals, an anti-Communist group which was active in Hollywood during the years of the Hollywood blacklist.

His daughter Barrie Chase is a dancer and actress, and his son Frank Chase was an actor and screenwriter.

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Famous quotes by borden chase:

    There are three times in a man’s life when he has the right to yell at the moon—when he marries; when his children come; and when he finishes a job he had to be crazy to start.
    Borden Chase [Frank Fowler] (1900–1971)

    That night ended the day when history was written in Abilene. August 14, 1865 was the date. That was the end of the first drive on the Chisolm Trail. It was just the first of thousands of such drives bringing beef to the world.
    Borden Chase [Frank Fowler] (1900–1971)

    Plantin’ and readin’, plantin’ and readin’. Fill a man full of lead, stick ‘em in the ground, and then read words on ‘em. Why when ya killed a man, why try to read the Lord in as a partner on the job.
    Borden Chase [Frank Fowler] (1900–1971)

    Never like seein’ strangers. Guess it’s cause no stranger ever good newsed me.
    Borden Chase [Frank Fowler] (1900–1971)