Bontoc may refer to:


  • Bontoc, Mountain Province
  • Bontoc, Southern Leyte
  • Bontoc people, an ethnic group from Central Luzon, Philippines.
  • Bontoc language, the languages spoken by the Bontoc people.
  • Bontoc, one of the four subprovinces of the large Mountain Province until 1966. Upon becoming a full-fledged province, it adopted the name of its mother province. It is now the current Mountain Province.

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Mount Binuluan - Accessibility - From Manila To Bontoc or Tabuk
... Visiting the thermal features of Mount Binuluan, the visitor has to travel to Bontoc, the capital of Mountain Province, or to Tabuk, the capital of Kalinga ... From Manila to Bontoc by bus or 4-wheel drive vehicle takes about 10 hours at night ...
Sogod, Southern Leyte - Municipal History - The Creation of The Municipality of Bontoc
... The municipality of Bontoc has a total population 27,592 inhabitants as of 2007 census in 5,303 households as of 2000 census ... The town houses the Southern Leyte State University – Bontoc Campus, which offers agricultural and industrial courses ... Also, a small monument stands in front of Bontoc motor pool at sitio Trece, Barangay Santo Niño commemorating the annihilation of truckload of Japanese soldiers that patrol in the surrounding area ...
Igorot People - Cordillera Ethnic Groups - The Bontoc
... The Bontocs (alternatively spelled Bontok) live on the banks of the Chico River in the Central Mountain Province on the island of Luzon ... They speak the Bontoc language ... The Bontoc describe three types of tattoos The chak-lag′, the tattooed chest of the head taker pong′-o, the tattooed arms of men and women and fa′-tĕk, for all other tattoos of both ...
Bontoc Language
... Bontoc (also spelled Bontok) is the native language of the indigenous Bontoc people of the Mountain Province, in the northern part of the Philippines ...