Bona Fide Purchasers

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Process of Applying For A K-1 Visa
... and asks the foreign fiancé(e) questions to determine that a bona fide relationship exists ... Consular officer can issue the visa, if he is convinced of a bona fide relationship that meets all legal requirements ... officer does not think the relationship is bona fide or finds some legal impediment to issuing the visa, the petition will be returned to USCIS and recommended for revocation and no visa will be issued ...
Parliamentary Franchise In The United Kingdom 1885–1918 - The Parliamentary Franchise - Counties
... who actually or bona fide occupy the premises or were seised of such estate on the 7th June, 1832, or have acquired such estate after that day by marriage, marriage settlement, devise, or promotion to a ... unless they have acquired the property by inheritance, marriage, or will, or are bona fide carrying on business thereon as partners, in which case all can ... can be registered, unless they derive the property by inheritance, marriage, or will, or are bona-fide engaged in carrying on business as partners ...
English Trusts Law - Breach and Remedies - Liability For Receipt
... passed on trust property is not "equity's darling", the "bona fide purchaser" of the asset ... A bona fide purchaser of property, even if received after a breach of trust, has long been held to take free of any claims by prior owners, provided that they have committed no wrong, and ... If the recipient is not a bona fide purchaser, they must make restitution of the property to the former owner to avoid unjust enrichment ...
Nemo Dat Quod Non Habet - United States
... In American law, a bona fide purchaser who unknowingly purchases and subsequently sells stolen goods will, at common law, be held liable in trover for the full market value of those goods as ... this is true even in a chain of successive bona fide purchasers (i.e ... the true owner can successfully sue the fifth bona fide purchaser in trover) ...

Famous quotes containing the words bona fide, purchasers, bona and/or fide:

    We have two kinds of “conference.” One is that to which the office boy refers when he tells the applicant for a job that Mr. Blevitch is “in conference.” This means that Mr. Blevitch is in good health and reading the paper, but otherwise unoccupied. The other type of “conference” is bona fide in so far as it implies that three or four men are talking together in one room, and don’t want to be disturbed.
    Robert Benchley (1889–1945)

    You’ll admit there’s always the possibility of some employee becoming disgruntled over some fancied injustice. Dissatisfaction always leads to temptation. There’s always purchasers for valuable secrets.
    —Joseph O’Donnell. Clifford Sanforth. Donald Jordan, Murder by Television, trying to bribe Perry into revealing Professor Houghland’s secret (1935)

    If men will believe it, sua si bona norint, there are no more quiet Tempes, nor more poetic and Arcadian lives, than may be lived in these New England dwellings. We thought that the employment of their inhabitants by day would be to tend the flowers and herds, and at night, like the shepherds of old, to cluster and give names to the stars from the river banks.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Don’t learn to do, but learn in doing. Let your falls not be on a prepared ground, but let them be bona fide falls in the rough and tumble of the world.
    Samuel Butler (1835–1902)