Boiler Room

Boiler room may refer to:

  • Boiler Room (band), a nu metal band formed in 1996
  • Boiler room (building), a room or space in a building for mechanical equipment and its associated electrical equipment
  • Boiler room (business), a busy centre of activity, often selling questionable goods by telephone
  • Boiler Room (film), a 2000 U.S. film
  • Boiler room (ship), a compartment on a steamship that houses the boiler
  • "The Boiler Room", an episode of the Tanner '88 television series

Other articles related to "boiler rooms, boilers, boiler room, room":

Audrey Lawson-Johnston - Controversies - Contraband and Second Explosion
... There were very few survivors from the forward two boiler rooms, but they did report the ship's boilers did not explode they were also under extreme duress in those moments ... he thought the torpedo actually entered the boiler room and exploded between a group of boilers, which was a physical impossibility ... It is also known the forward boiler room filled with steam, and steam pressure feeding the turbines dropped dramatically following the second explosion ...
Dunkerque Class Battleship - Design - Propulsion
... The propulsion was assured by six Indret boilers and four Parsons turbines on Dunkerque ... On Strasbourg, the Indret boilers were built under license by the Penhoët Shipbuilding Yards ... These small-tube boilers were operated at a pressure (temperature) of 27 kg/cm² (350°C) ...
Boiler Room (band)
... Boiler Room was a nu metal band who formed in 1996 ... The next year Boiler Room signed to Roadrunner Records, which was slated to release their debut album, "Can't Breathe", for the summer of 2000 ... to come out after several delays, and Boiler Room signed with Tommy Boy Records ...
Arlington Pumping Station - Design
... by a division wall forming an engine room 48 feet (15 m) long by 40 feet (12 m) wide and 24 feet (7.3 m) high, and a boiler room 40 feet (12 m) long by 35 feet (11 ... The interior facing of the engine and boiler room walls is of red brick ... The engine room floor is of red quarry tile ...

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