The name Bogza can have the following meanings:

  • Anda-Louise Bogza, a Romanian female singer
  • (Gheorghe) "Geo" Bogza (1908 - 1993), a Romanian poet, avant-garde theorist
  • Lorena Bogza (born 1971, Neamţ County), a journalist
  • Nicolae Bogza (1910, Blejoi - 1992, Bucharest)
  • Bogza, a village in Sihlea Commune, Vrancea County, Romania
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Geo Bogza
... Geo Bogza ( born Gheorghe Bogza February 6, 1908-September 14, 1993) was a Romanian avant-garde theorist, poet, and journalist, known for his left-wing and communist political convictions ... At a later stage, Bogza won acclaim for his many and accomplished reportage pieces, being one of the first to cultivate the genre in Romanian literature, and using it as a venue for social criticism ... After the establishment of Communist Romania, Bogza adapted his style to Socialist realism, and became one of the most important literary figures to have serviced the government ...
Geo Bogza - Work - Avant-garde Aesthetics
... Geo Bogza's lifelong but uneven involvement with Surrealism has endured as a topic of interest, and was considered by many to have resulted in some of his best ... Bogza was defined by art critic S ... of his early poems with the observation "It is the younger Bogza we love." Much of Bogza's work is related to social criticism, reflecting his political convictions ...
Geo Bogza - Legacy - Other Tributes
... Bogza was the subject of a portrait painted by his friend Victor Brauner, which was itself the topic of scandal ... sex organs (symbols which probably alluded to elements present in Bogza's own texts) ... Bogza's novella, Sfârşitul lui Iacob Onisia ("The End of Iacob Onisia"), has served as the basis for a 1988 film, Iacob (translated into English as ...
Radu Tudoran - Biography
... Blejoi, judeţul Prahova on March 8th, 1910 as Nicolae Bogza, the younger brother of Geo Bogza, and son of Alexandru Bogza ...