BMW M56 - Specs of The M56 Engine

Specs of The M56 Engine

  • HC block in the air intake system:

Hydrocarbon escape via the intake system is prevented due to the use of an additional carbon filter incorporated in the air filter housing and a "closed" throttle valve actuator.

All metal fuel system components (fuel rail, injectors, tank ventilation valve, etc.) are made of stainless steel and are fastened together using coupling type connectors.

  • Fuel tank and tank ventilation system:

The fuel tank, tank filler neck and evaporative canister are made of stainless steel. Both the fuel pump and fuel filter are completely sealed inside the gas tank and require a complete replacement of the gas tank if either the fuel pump or filter fail.

  • Crankcase ventilation system:

The crankcase ventilation valve is incorporated in the aluminum cylinder head cover.

  • System components used to achieve SULEV tailpipe emission requirements:
  1. Dual down stream catalytic converters
  2. "Warm up" catalytic converters – high cell density technology
  3. Upstream oxygen sensors – wide band technology
  4. Pistons – only 3mm fire land
  5. VANOS – set to fixed position during start up for improved engine start
  6. New style fuel injectors–4 hole design (5 bar fuel pressure)

Secondary air system with secondary air mass flow sensor used for improved monitoring of secondary air flow.

In addition SULEV models also incorporate a "Direct Ozone Reduction System". The external heat exchange surfaces of the radiator are coated with a catalyst which reduces the ozone in the ambient air drawn through the radiator.

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