Blood Glucose

  • (noun): Glucose in the bloodstream.
    Synonyms: blood sugar

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List Of Medical Abbreviations: B
... Meaning Bx biopsy Ba barium BAC blood alcohol content BAD Bipolar affective disorder BAL bronchoalveolar lavage British anti-Lewisite blood alcohol level BAO basic acid output BAT brown ... BK bradykinin BKA below-the-knee amputation bl.cult blood culture bld blood BLE Bilateral Lower Extremity (in/on both legs) ... bone mass measurement) BMI body mass index BMP blood metabolic profile BMR basal metabolic rate BMT bone marrow transplantation BNO bowel not open BNP brain natriuretic peptide BO bowel open B/O because of BOA born ...
Cygnus Inc - Technology - Competitors
... minimally-invasive device for diabetes management called the MiniMed Continuous Glucose Monitoring System ... The Minimed Paradigm system uses a needle-like glucose sensor which is inserted subdermally to measure blood glucose concentrations ... This sensor is connected by wire to a small computer with an LCD to report current blood glucose concentration ...
Spike-and-wave - Pathophysiology - Genetic/developmental Factors
... Another study revealed that glucose may also be relevant to spike-and-wave occurrence in mice that contained a knock-in of the human GABA(A) γ2(R43Q) mutation, which has been known to be a genetic ... absence seizure prone mice were injected with insulin to lower blood glucose levels by 40% ... This reduction in blood glucose led to double the occurrence of spike-and-wave activity ...
Clarke Error Grid
... was developed in 1987 to quantify clinical accuracy of patient estimates of their current blood glucose as compared to the blood glucose value obtained in their meter ... It was then used to quantify the clinical accuracy of blood glucose estimates generated by meters as compared to a reference value ... standards” for determining the accuracy of blood glucose meters ...
Approaches To An Artificial Pancreas - Medical Equipment Approach - Feedback of Real-time Blood Glucose Data To An Insulin Pump For Basal Control
... The first step in controlling an insulin pump based on continuous blood glucose data is to automatically control the basal rate of the insulin pump ... been performed, the pump can manage the blood glucose level by adjusting the basal rate as needed when the blood sugar is increasing, a small correction bolus can be automatically ... by recognizing an imbalance between the bolus "insulin on board" and the level of blood glucose, automatically bolusing to correct a shortage of insulin, automatically reducing ...

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    The blood is moral: the blood is anti-slavery: it runs cold in the veins: the stomach rises with disgust, and curses slavery.
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