Blood Circulation

Some articles on blood circulation:

Matthias Lanzinger - Leg Amputation After Fall
... ambulance helicopter for a new surgery due to problems with the blood circulation in the leg ... On Tuesday morning, after the third surgery, the second one for restoring blood circulation to his left leg, the doctors announced that it would have to be amputated below the knee ... have held that a better attention to the blood circulation in an early time could have saved Lanzinger's leg ...
Clinical Death
... death is the medical term for cessation of blood circulation and breathing, the two necessary criteria to sustain life ... Stopped blood circulation has historically proven irreversible in most cases ... and other treatments in the 20th century, the absence of blood circulation (and vital functions related to blood circulation) was historically considered to be the official definition of death ...
Laminitis - Causes - Poor Blood Circulation
... Normal blood circulation in the lower limbs of a horse depends in part on the horse moving about ... that the continual shifting of weight required to balance in a moving vehicle enhances blood circulation ...
Cryonics - Obstacles To Success - Ischemic Injury
... Ischemia means inadequate or absent blood circulation that deprives tissue of oxygen and nutrients ... that cryonics procedures do not begin until after blood circulation stops ... The team artificially restores blood circulation and breathing using techniques similar to CPR as soon as possible after the heart stops ...

Famous quotes containing the words circulation and/or blood:

    There is probably not more than one hundred dollars in cash in circulation today. That is, if you were to call in all the bills and silver and gold in the country at noon tomorrow and pile them on the table, you would find that you had just about one hundred dollars, with perhaps several Canadian pennies and a few peppermint Life Savers.
    Robert Benchley (1889–1945)

    Dust fanned in scraped puffs from the earth
    Between his arms, and blood turned his face inside out,
    To demonstrate its suppleness
    Of veins, as he perfected his role.
    James Dickey (b. 1923)