Blogging in Burma

Blogging In Burma

In Myanmar (Burma), some blogs started in 2005. The earlier blogs were written in English, as there was no unicode font at that time so they could not post in their mother language. After the Zawgyi font was released (created by Alpha Mandalay), Nyi Lynn Seck put the Zawgyi font in his blog and started the Myanmar blog. After that, Mandalay blogger Mg Hla also shared this knowledge with other bloggers. Then, in late November 2006, the Myanmar blogs developed more and more. There are now over ten thousand Myanmar blogs. In 2007, some Myanmar bloggers established the MBS (Myanmar Bloggers Society), and they celebrated with a seminar on September 1, 2007. Actually, it is very difficult to write blogs locally because the government banned blog service websites after the September 2007 Golden Revolution. However, under the military government's control, they are writing about the freedom of Myanmar and still sharing their knowledge. MBS's slogan is "We blog, we unite."

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