Black Zarak

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Ginrai - Transformers: Generation 1 - Animated Series
... into the new form of God Ginrai, giving him the strength necessary to battle Black Zarak ... completed Godbomber and confronting Overlord and Black Zarak on the moon ... With the aid of Grand Maximus, God Ginrai was able to force Black Zarak to retreat back into space ...
Fortress Maximus - Grand Maximus - Animated Series
... When the Autobots discovered that the Decepticon super-weapon Black Zarak was heading towards Earth, Grand was dispatched to warn the Pretenders, arriving on Earth ahead of Black Zarak in his own ... Ginrai, giving him the power to defeat Black Zarak ... When God Ginrai clashed with Black Zarak and Overlord on Earth's moon, Grand joined the fight, shedding his Pretender disguising and combining with his battleship to form Grand Maximus ...
Scorponok - Transformers: Generation 1 - Animated Series - Transformers: Super-God Masterforce
... Super-God Masterforce, which featured a character named Black Zarak, whose toy was a remoulded, repainted Scorponok, with a new head/helmet and "Tyrant Spear" accessory as large as the figure itself ... the dual guns, the gun shield, the shield/tower, the feet, the Headmaster component (Zarak/Scorponok) and Guardminder, BlackZarak's version of Fasttrack) are very. 42 episodes of the animated series itself, Black Zarak was revealed to actually be Scorponok in an additional clip episode, produced after the end of the series ...

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