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Homeboys Of Oz - Season 4 Part I
... Story" - The lockdown is ended and Adebisi's plan to get a Black man running Emerald City is still ongoing ... Adebisi who sees this as a way for a Black man to die at the hands of a White prompting his cause for a Black Unit manager to replace McManus ... and watches as he murders Wangler, Pierce, Lou Rath, and a CO Joseph Howard, all four of whom are Black prompting Adebisi's cause even further ...

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    Nothing could his enemies do but it rebounded to his infinite advantage,—that is, to the advantage of his cause.... No theatrical manager could have arranged things so wisely to give effect to his behavior and words. And who, think you, was the manager? Who placed the slave-woman and her child, whom he stooped to kiss for a symbol, between his prison and the gallows?
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    ...I am who I am because I’m a black female.... When I was health director in Arkansas ... I could talk about teen-age pregnancy, about poverty, ignorance and enslavement and how the white power structure had imposed it—only because I was a black female. I mean, black people would have eaten up a white male who said what I did.
    Joycelyn Elders (b. 1933)

    During the Suffragette revolt of 1913 I ... [urged] that what was needed was not the vote, but a constitutional amendment enacting that all representative bodies shall consist of women and men in equal numbers, whether elected or nominated or coopted or registered or picked up in the street like a coroner’s jury. In the case of elected bodies the only way of effecting this is by the Coupled Vote. The representative unit must not be a man or a woman but a man and a woman.
    George Bernard Shaw (1856–1950)