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Chuck Cooper (basketball)
29, 1926 – February 5, 1984) was an American professional basketball player ... Cooper is one of three players with legitimate claims to be the first African American basketball player in the NBA ... a different condition of being "first" Cooper was the first black player to be drafted by an NBA team, in 1950 ...
Willie O'Ree - Impact On Hockey
... After O'Ree's stint in the NHL, there was no other black player in the NHL until another Canadian player, Mike Marson, was drafted by the Washington Capitals in 1974 ... There are 17 black players in the NHL as of the mid-2000s, the most prominent being Canadian Jarome Iginla (who is currently on the Calgary Flames) ... Art Dorrington was the first black player to sign an NHL contract, in 1950 with the New York Rangers organization, but Dorrington never played beyond the minor league level ...
Crab Bowl Classic - Series History - Navy Resurgence: 1958–1963
... While with the Seminoles, Nugent had wanted to recruit a black player, but felt the racial climate there was unsuitable ... Terrapins' quarterbacks coach Lee Corso to find a black player who was academically and athletically suited to come to College Park ... had just 32 African-Americans in its 35,000 student body, and become the first black player in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) ...
History Of Basketball - African-Americans in Basketball
... of New York City was established as the first fully organized independent all-black basketball teams in 1906 ... In 1907, the amateur, all-black Olympian Athletic League was formed in New York City consisting of the Smart Set Athletic Club, St ... inter-city basketball game between two black teams was played in 1907 when the Smart Set Athletic Club of Brooklyn traveled to Washington, DC to play the ...
Slap Shot (film) - Production Notes
... played forward Jean-Guy Drouin and goaltender Denis Lemieux, the two French-Canadian players in the film) dubbed their own voices for the film's translated French ... Eastern Hockey League Long Island Ducks player/coach John Brophy, who receives homage by his last name being used for the drunken center of the Hyannisport ... graduate...and an American citizen!" — both unusual distinctions for a pro hockey player of the time ...

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    If women were umpiring none of this [rowdyism] would happen. Do you suppose any ball player in the country would step up to a good-looking girl and say to her, “You color- blind, pickle-brained, cross-eyed idiot, if you don’t stop throwing the soup into me I’ll distribute your features all over you countenance!” Of course he wouldn’t.
    Amanda Clement (1888–1971)

    I wake and feel the fell of dark, not day.
    What hours, O what black hours we have spent
    This night!
    Gerard Manley Hopkins (1844–1889)